Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've been going crazy with this little app, I share with you a few of my instagram shots related with my day to day of being and artist.  I love you iphone! 

1. Painting beige background with watercolor on "Leaves" illustration 2. Dreamcatcher sketch 3. I finally finished that dreamcatcher last night (close up)  4. Framed red roses for my friend Salvatore on his birthday 5. This is what my hands look like after a long night of painting 6. Green tea out of "Leaves" mug in my aunt's house 7. Two etsy sales being shipped to New York and Springfield 8. My beloved Winsor and Newton water thingy 9. Morning coffee out of "Endless Knot" mandala mug 10. Prepping a bunch of new prints with my brand stamp (I use gold ink which smells like cinnamon!) 


p.s. you can follow me on instagram, find me with this name: anavictoriana I'd love to follow you back and see what you're up to! 

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