Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am so grateful for everything that has been happening lately. Since I moved to Mexico City the universe has been nothing but kind to me! One of the best things that has happened was being selected to be part of Bazar Fusion which I wrote about a few days ago. I'm especially grateful for my Mom who sent me a bunch of my merch from Cancún with over night delivery, my sister Maggie and my best friend Zaruhy who helped me with my booth during the weekend and my lovely "Fusion Neighbors" Ricardo who makes puppy clothes, Carlos who sells awesome retro t-shirts and J who designs precious silver jewelry. I was kind of nervous for being the newbie and not knowing anyone but these people were so nice to me and it made every day that much funner and filled with joy!

I am also extremely grateful for everyone that showed up to support me and all the new people I met along the way. Your comments illuminate my soul and keep me inspired to keep on painting forever and ever! And thank you readers for giving me someone to share my thoughts with- Bazar Fusión was awesome, I learned so much from this experience, I can't wait for the next one in a few months!



Jennifer said...

I love your blog Ana! You too are the BEST neighbor EVER!!!

Ana Victoria Calderon said...

As are you!!!! Espero que nos toque cerca otra vez!!!!